Owner Financing

Owner Financing

In addition to our dedication to excellent service and our expertise in the industry, part of what makes Northgate Title a great option for our customers is our partnerships.

One of our partners, High Country Escrow, specializes in supporting real estate closings and servicing loans for owner-financed and private lender mortgages. The team at High Country Escrow are trusted partners to real estate agents and work extensively with owners in For Sale By Owner (FSBO) transactions, especially when non-traditional funding is needed in order to close a real estate transaction.

High Country Escrow Offers

  • A knowledgeable team experienced in non-traditional mortgages
  • Easy processes to open escrow and mortgage servicing accounts
  • Affordable and fully disclosed fees for sellers and buyers
  • Cutting-edge digital platforms for easy and convenient mortgage servicing
  • Digital closings, great for busy or remote buyers and sellers

Mortgage Loan Servicing

As the mortgage loan servicer, High Country Escrow offers a customer-friendly online platform that makes it easy for buyers to make payments. Both buyers and sellers can track payments, balances, and payoff information. The platform gives buyers the confidence of knowing they have a “real” mortgage that is managed with all the security and convenience of a bank or well-known lending institution.

High Country Escrow also manages all funds and compliance requirements related to property taxes, HOA payments, and home insurance. This makes it easy for sellers and private lenders to generate mortgage revenue, without the monthly management obligations and the complexity of escrow allotments, and strict compliance guidelines.

Transferring an Existing Seller Financed Loan

High Country Escrow also works with sellers and private lenders who have an existing mortgage loan, and are seeking a mortgage servicing partner. If you are self-servicing the loan, they can quickly walk you through the steps to opening a mortgage-serving account.

If you have your loan placed with another mortgage servicer, the team at High Country Escrow can work with you to understand your terms and determine if transferring the loan is feasible.

High Country Escrow has managed hundreds of loans, with exceptional feedback from lenders and borrowers. If you are a Realtor or seller exploring options for owner financing or private lending, please contact the High Country Escrow team HERE or call us at (423) 875-9533!

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